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It has an experienced core management team and a strong international R & D team

It has gathered a large number of industry talents and international professional R & D teams, with industry-leading technology R & D and product development capabilities. Most of the core R & D personnel of the team have master's degrees or above, and the backbone R & D members have rich experience in the photovoltaic industry.

The technology of double-sided perc battery is leading, and the application experience of mass production technology is rich

It has a number of core patents, and through the introduction of double-sided technology to perc batteries, it further improves the conversion efficiency of batteries, and takes the lead in launching the "double-sided double measurement and double split" technology, which greatly promotes the progress of the industry.


Large scale production, refined management and intelligent manufacturing technology create scale and cost advantages

The company adopts intelligent manufacturing technology, which is one of the first high-efficiency solar cell intelligent manufacturing plants in China based on industrial Internet and artificial intelligence by using RFID, CPS, neural network and other new generation information technologies. Actively introduce digital management system and business management platform to fully realize business digitalization.

It is favored by the world's leading crystalline silicon component customers and has strong resource integration ability

As an excellent member of the photovoltaic industry chain, the company is committed to continuously reducing the "kwh cost" of photovoltaic power generation and enhancing the cost advantage of photovoltaic power through technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation. Crystalline silicon component factories with the world's top 10 shipments are the company's core customers, and most of the material and equipment suppliers ranking at the top of the industrial chain are also the company's partners.